1/4 Small Willow Flower Herb

Applications: Historically used for frequent urination or urinary blockage, Prostate cancer symptons, bladder and disorders of the Urinary tracks, connections and kidneys for man or woman, pre and post operation.  Use along with daily apricot seed intake and prostate massage.  May be used in conjunction with other prostate and Urinary organ herbs!

Directions. Pour a few cups of water in a pot and heat. (distilled is always best for tea because distilled water is void of minerals and more capable to absorb the nutrients from the tea leaves) Put two heaping tablespoons of the Willow-herb into the pot and simmer from a few minutes to an hour. Pour into a mug and drink. You may add honey, (raw honey if possible) It may be more effective when taken plain and bitter, as it is with most all thereputic teas.  This is not an exact science, so more or less tea leaves, longer or shorter brewing is up to you. Higher Concentrations are safe.

Supplement Facts: 1/4 pound of Epilobium Parviflorum.  Our Willow Flower herb is wild crafter which means it is harvested from it's natural enviornment within the forest.  Harvested in Germany first discovered by Maria Treven.

Small Willow Flower Herb
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