3 Blood Pressure Bottles

A great concern for many people today is high blood pressure, which is referred to as the silent killer because very often there are no symptoms. Over forty million Americans have high blood pressure. Severe high blood pressure can cause headaches, vomiting, visual impairment, blindness, convulsions, paralysis and coma. Even mild high blood pressure carries an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. The medications that many take to lower their blood pressure can cause serious side effects. There are natural ways to help alleviate this problem by using herbs and proper diet. This herbal combination has been formulated to help people suffering from high blood pressure or with low blood pressure. These herbs, along with proper diet, work together to help regulate the blood pressure in the body.

High blood pressure is a symptom of an unbalanced system. It can be caused by bad nutrition and is usually associated with eating too much protein. Studies have consistently shown that vegetarians have healthier blood pressures than meat eaters. Whole brown rice is an excellent food to help with this condition. High blood pressure can also be caused by lack of exercise. If you are overweight, weight loss alone will lower blood pressure. Tobacco (one cigarette raises blood pressure for 30 minutes to an hour), alcohol and lack of calcium can also contribute to high blood pressure. Caffeine is associated with elevations in blood pressure so it is wise to reduce or avoid drinks and foods that are high in caffeine. If the blood pressure is either too high or too low it will adversely affect the functioning of the brain and can trigger headaches. The two herbs that have shown significant results for people suffering with high blood pressure are cayenne and garlic.

Taken separately these herbs are excellent remedies for many different ailments, taken together they work synergistically to lower blood pressure.


  • Cayenne/Capsicum: Stimulates the circulatory system, influencing the heart immediately, tonic, regulates the flow of the blood from head to foot so that circulation is equalized.
  • Garlic: Reduces the fat levels in the veins and arteries, dissolves cholesterol, boosts the immune system, reduces blood pressure, kills yeast infection, cleans plaque out of the arteries.
  • Black Cohosh: Loosens and expels mucus from bronchial tubes, equalizes blood circulation, nervine, alterative, excellent remedy for high blood pressure, calms the nervous system, do not take if pregnant.
  • Mistletoe: Tonic, tones the heart, nervine, helpful with heart problems, helpful with low blood pressure, dilates arterioles and capillaries, helps with an over-excited heart.
  • Sassafras: Alterative, blood purifier, cleanses the whole body, helps with spasms and pains in the heart region, stimulant, acts as a solvent liquefying impurities in the blood stream.
  • Gingko: Improves the flow of blood to the heart, can help prevent strokes, inflammatory.
  • Valerian: Has a beneficial effect on the heart and high blood pressure.
  • Bladder Wrack: Lowers cholesterol, stimulates bile production, helps with digestion, supplies oxygen and iodine to the body, gives warmth and energy, contains trace minerals.
  • Dong Quai: Palpitations and high blood pressure, strengthens and aids general circulation, helps to relieve tinnitus.
  • Ginseng: Reduces cholesterol and prevents heart attacks, has a beneficial effect on the circulation.
  • Horsetail Grass: High in calcium, calcium helps to clean plaque out of the arteries.
  • Hyssop: Stimulant properties increase blood circulation and equalizes the blood pressure.
  • Bladder Pod: Sedative herb, has a beneficial effect on the whole body, helps to loosen hardened mucus, expectorant, will reduce heart palpitations.
  • Stinging Nettle: Stimulant, tonic, stimulates nutriation, improves heart action, cleans the body of poisons.
  • Wild Yam: Soothes the nerves and relieves pain, anti- inflammatory, anti-bilious, anti-catarrhal.
  • Bayberry: Helps fight broncho-pulmonary diseases,used to increase circulation, blood builder, antibacterial.
As a dietary supplement, take two capsules one half hour after meals three times daily. WARNING: Do not take if you are pregnant!


3 Blood Pressure Bottles
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