3 Ultra Lax Bottles

For minor to extreme constipation and general intestinal/bowel detoxification. (May cause flattening of the tummy, better complexion, alertness, less fatigue.) Many who have been searching for an intestinal cleanser and bowel mover claim that this product is the best that they have ever encountered. Supplement Facts: Ingredients Cascara Sagrada - tones and strengthens bowl. Effect normal function. Increases peristaltic movement. Cathartic Psyllium Seeds - Provides bulk and lubricates. Turkey Rhubarb: Highly esteemed laxative tonic. Removes irritating substances in bowels, tones tissue. Aloe - Relieves constipation Barberry Root: Astringent. Slippery Elm - Soothes and speeds up healing process Contraindications: Minor stomach cramping and/or loose bowels for the first few days. Full Refund if it is not to your liking. As of July 10, we have never had to refund.

3 Ultra Lax Bottles
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