3 White Mallow Kidney Formula Bottles

Use as directed or double suggested intake when extra kidney strength is needed.  No more than three months straight with three week break in between.

Directions Adult Dose: Take 2 capsules three times daily with water. For best results use Willow Flower herb in tea form, beet juicing, and lots of water. Supplement Facts


Parsley:  Natural diuretic, helps urinary tissue rebuilding.
Uva Ursi - Dissolves kidney stones and other inorganic calcifications.
Marshmallow - Soothes and heals, eases flow or urine.
Juniper Berries: One of the most effective, fast acting natural diuretics.
Buchu:  Aids chronic irritability of bladder, which causes frequent desire to urinate.
Cleavers:  Alterative, dissolves stones, powerful diuretic.
Corn Silk:  Stimulates secreting cells and nerves of kidney tissue.
Dandelion:  Promotes flow of urine, helps prevent kidney stones, expels kidney stones.
Yarrow:  Heals urinary problems, astringent, induces sweat.
Gravel Root:  (stones are also called gravel)  One of the greatest herbs for any kidney or urinary problem.

3 White Mallow Kidney Formula Bottles
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