Cancer: Step Outside the Box


   Discover the TRUTH about cancer that your   Doctor doesn't know and the Drug
Companies hope you never find out!


My name is Ty Bollinger. During the last 15 years, I've lost 7 close family members due to cancer. I have devoted the last decade of my life to medical research to find alternative cancer treatments and cures so YOU and YOUR family don't have to experience the same tragedy.


I initially published my book, Cancer - Step Outside the Box, in the fall of 2006. Since then, I am thankful to say that I have had the privilege of sharing this vital, life-saving information with over 20,000 people across the world. As a general rule, the response to the book has been very positive and rewarding. . .


. . . however, I have also received several email threats informing me that I better be careful  since I am messing with the wrong industry (i.e. "Big Pharma").


Proof That  Big Pharma  Hates Me


Although the gutless, pathetic cowards who sent these emails don't have the courage to reveal their identities, I have posted a couple of their emails so that you can see exactly how  Big Pharma  feels about my book.




 I will not be intimidated!! 

Cancer patients deserve to know the truth and to make choices based upon this truth. And the truth is that the proven cancer prevention strategies and the real cures for cancer do not need a prescription, nor do they require surgery or barbaric procedures like radiation or chemotherapy. 

But you might ask...


Ty, isn't chemotherapy a
proven scientific treatment? 


The answer is YES, it is! 


It has been scientifically proven to fatally poison several hundred thousand people each and every year.


Did you know that the overall success rate for most cancers treated with the chemotherapy is a paltry 3% In other words . . .


 Chemo has a 97% fatality rate ...


. . . and it is not only legal, but it is readily accepted by most oncologists as one of the best treatments for cancer.


At least that's what they tell their patients....


But in 1986, McGill Cancer Center in Montreal, one of the largest and most esteemed cancer treatment centers in the world, surveyed 79 oncologists to see how they would personally respond to a diagnosis of cancer.


The results will blow your mind. Are you sitting down?


Of the 79 oncologists surveyed, 58 said that...


 ALL chemotherapy programs were unacceptable to them and their family members due to the fact that the drugs don't work and are toxic to one's system! 


But the Cancer Industry doesn't want you to know this information.


A couple of centuries ago in America, if you ran a plantation you wanted to make sure that your slaves remained obedient, submissive, and illiterate. If a slave had the nerve to disobey the master, then he was beaten within an inch of his life. Books weren?t allowed, thus slaves were unable to learn to read.  These steps were taken to insure that they would never have the boldness to venture off the plantation and the master would have a slave for life.


The Cancer Industry is like the  Slave Trade  from 200 Years Ago...


In the Cancer Industry, patients are like slaves, and the slave owners want to make sure that they remain enslaved by suppressing information about alternative treatments and persecuting those who dare to question their authority and use an alternative treatment.  Either we are free or we are slaves. There is no middle ground!


Don't be a slave to the Cancer Industry and their brainwashingDon't listen to the propaganda! Get out of the matrix!


Today's world is like ?the Matrix  -
White is Black and Black is White


The Cancer Industry is well organized, unbelievably well funded, and has total control over the news media due to the massive amounts of advertising dollars spent by Big Pharma.


It takes time to get to the bottom of important issues, and therein lies the problem. People want to learn everything they need to know about something by watching an hour of TV; students want to learn complicated mathematics while they play video games.


But this won t work when it comes to learning about the cures for cancer.


You must do your homework! 


The first step is to read my book. The information it contains is literally priceless! One man that did his homework and cured his cancer is named Vic Whiley, from New Zealand. Click here to read his encouraging story of how he beat cancer and is now cancer free!


You can cure your cancer!


If you will allow yourself to step outside the box and actually think for yourself, then the information in Cancer-Step Outside the Box may save your life or the life of someone you love.

My story is the last chapter in this eye opener by Ty Bollinger
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