Herbal Combinations For Specific Organs

1/2 Small Willow Flower Herb Breathe Three Ounces of Deer Antler Velvet. The sliced pre-calcified antlers of New Zealand Deer.
1/2 Small Willow Flower HerbBreatheDeer Antler Velvet (4 Ounces)

Applications: Historically used for frequent urination, urinary blockage, prostate cancer symptons, bladder and disorders of the urinary track, kidneys issues.

Reduces mucus, treats problems with wheezing, bronchitis and  bronchial asthma, builds the immune system, infection fighter, reduces phlegm, anti-inflammatory, expectorant helps to breath. Use to aid along with any problem involving the lungs.

Deer Antler Velvet 4 oz. Stimulates stem cell growth for regeneration of damaged organs and joints. Aphrodisiac, Energy enhancer, rejuvenator. 2-4 hr boil 6 cups down to one or two.




EUWD (Energy Up Weight Down) Gymnema Sylvestre Pancreas Tea - powder Prostate Package
EUWD (Energy Up Weight Down)Gymnema Sylvestre Pancreas Tea - powderProstate Package

EUWD is an herbal formula that contains certain herbs that the Peruvians chew which enables them to carry on 14 hour work days with continuous stable energy.  Appitite supression is one of the poweful benefits.

For Pancreas Cells Restoration and/or eliminates sugar craving.

Prostate, and Small Willow Flower Herb to help stregnthen prostate and cleanse your system.  Put the dmso directly on the prostate area.




Drive For Men Only Liver Formula - Maiden Barber Formula Pancreas Pro Herb
Drive For Men OnlyLiver Formula - Maiden Barber FormulaPancreas Pro Herb

Drive is for men only and acts as a natural herbal enhancer that is formulated to increase your bodies production of natural occuring hormones and endorphines.

Detoxifies and flushes out the liver and speeds up blood purifying process. Ingredients: dandelion, barberry, milk thistle, plantain, burdock, Oregon grape, yarrow, cleavers,uva ursi, blue flag, beet juice. 1 bottle 100 capsules.

Helps strengthen the pancreas and normalize insulin production. Anyone at age 45 and over should use this product for 3 months to protect oneself from Type 11 Diabetes.




Prostate Blood Pressure Kidney Formula - White Mallow Formula
ProstateBlood PressureKidney Formula - White Mallow Formula

Helps maintain a healthy functioning prostate. Softens and lubricates the prostate gland. Treats and prevents. 1 Bottle 100 capsules.

Helps equalize both high and low blood pressure by improving circulation. 1 Bottle 100 Capsules

Builds and tones kidneys, helps with incontinence, useful with pain in the kidneys. 1 Bottle 100 Capsules.




Memory Heart Plus Ultra Lax
MemoryHeart PlusUltra-Lax

Memory - 200 Capsules. 400 mg each. For memory enhancement and longevity. Superior brain function. Best when used with Coral Calcium sachets in daily water supply.

The group of herbs in Heart Plus are designed to nourish, strengthen and build, and feed the heart. They prevent hardening of the arteries, help with heart problems and regulate both high and low blood pressure.

For minor to extreme constipation and general intestinal/bowel detoxification. (May cause flattening of the tummy, better complexion, alertness, less fatigue.) 100% Money Back Guarantee that you will not find a more potent formula anywhere!