Enzymes should be utilized in conjunction with the B-17/apricot seed therapy to soften the cell wall of the unwanted cells. These digestive enzymes break down the cancer's main defense as the immune system and B17 proceed past the digested cell wall and destroy the remains.  



Digestive enzymes help aid the digestion process, therefore lessening the burden on the pancreas. They are also known to digest the outside cell wall of bad cells so that the immune system can more effectively eliminate these deformed cells from the body.


Adult Dose:  One to 3 capsules 3 or 4 times per day

Supplement Facts:  200 Pills

Pancreatin:  1850 mg

Papain  150 mg (66,000 FCC U)

Bromelain:  150 mg (12 GDU)

Trypsin:  125 mg (72,000 USP U)

alpha-Chymotrypsin 60mg (12,000 USP U)

Lipase  50 mg (300 FIP U)

Amylase:  50 mg (525 DU)

Natto-Kinase 20 mg (400 FU)

Rutin:  100 mg

Calf Thymus: 55 mg

Super-oxide Dismutase 10 mcg (80 U)

L-Glutathione: 10 mg

Catalase: 7 mg (140 BU)

N-Acetyl-Cysteine 10 mg

Other Ingredients:  Gelatin, maltodextrin, medium chain triglicerides

Take 45 min before and/or 1 and a half hours after meals.

  • Ingredients:
After years of searching Ken Michols Megazyme Enzyme therapy is the most complete and best put together Enzyme tablet available to be used with the apricot seeds or B-17 tablets.
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