Vitamin 500 mg B17, Pure Powder

There are some companies offering very inexpensive bottles of 500mg capsules filled with apricot seed powder. They are not capsules filled with Vitmain B17 powder that has been extracted from the apricot seeds but rather they are just  brown apricot seeds ground into brown powder and put in capsules.  Very different from the Vitmain B17 extracted from apricot seeds and put into the capsules.

We now offer Vitamin B17 with no fillers, binders, capsule shells or tablets containing glue.  Another benefit is the price.  Due to no processing once extracted from the seed, we have lowered the price by approx. $20. This form is for those who would rather create their own specific dosages, those who don't want to swallow pills and tablet and for those who want the quickest digestion and assimilation into the body.  Comes with a small plastic spoon which draws 500mg per heaping scoop. Tested at 98.1% amygdalin.  For those that normally use the 100mg tablets for prevention at 26$ a bottle can use a half of a scoop every other day of the pure powder and one bottle will last 7 months.

Vitamin 500 mg B17, Pure Powder
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