About Us

We now have the purest B-17 Amygdalin in the Country at 99.6% pure.  We also have the purest DMSO possible at 99.99% pure.  
Our mission and goal is as follows: To supply the apricot seed and it's extract.  Sounds simple?  Jason Vale who began this company went to prison for 5 years for this cause.  Did not promise cures, he just told others what happened in his life and then started posting the success stories of hundreds of others.  This exerpt is from 18 years ago (1996) on EXTRA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmkkwBTqVPc  Thousands called up from the show and we told them what Jason did. We made a little package including the video he had seen and the seeds.  The FDA got involved and in just 8 years (2004) this is what happened... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJAiutL8JyU Most cancer victims used multiple therapies and changed diet plans, but the stories are honest and as complete as reported to us.  Here we offer for sale some of the common nutrients used by these people.  in a few words, cut the sugar out because cancer loves sugar and an acidic low oxygen environment. We offer coral calcium to help raise one's pH, there are other methods as well.  A backed up colon feeds disease as does a liver that doesn't work. (Ultra Lax) B-17 or the apricot seed extract is believed to be the main inhibitor of these cancer cells multiplying.  Enzymes break apart their cell walls allowing their final destruction.  Research and learn, there are other diets and therapies that can be used in conjunction.  Come back soon as we will be offering that as well, Lord Willing.