Please use multiple therapies. Enzymes, baking soda, cancer diet, there are many to choose from...Research...

    100 mg B17 Capsules, 180 Caps 3 Month Coral Calcium
    100 mg B17 Capsules, 180 Caps Colloidal Silver 10 ppm3 Month Coral Calcium

    Preventative Dose 

    8 oz Nano Colloidal Silver

    3 Month Supply Coral Calcium




    Seeds,500 mg B17, Superzyme Coral Calcium Sachets (30) DMSO Natures Healer by Dr Morton Walker
    Seeds,500 mg B17, SuperzymeCoral Calcium Sachets (30)DMSO Natures Healer by Dr Morton Walker
    1 bottle B17 500 mg. 1 lb seeds. 1 bottle superzyme b17

    One month supply of coral calcium to balance the body’s Ph

    How to use DMSO to relieve pain, incrrase circulation, repair tissue damage and fight degenerative diseases.




    Total Package (without Prostate or Drive) Total Package for Men Essiac Tea
    Total Package (without Prostate or Drive)Total Package for MenEssiac Tea

    1 lb of Bitter Apricot seeds, 1 Bottle of Vitamin B17 (500mg Capsules),1 Bottle of Megazyme Forte, 1 lb. of Organic Milk Thistle, 1 Month Supply of Coral Calcium Sachets. 1 lb Milk Thistle, 1/4 Lb. Willow Flower Herb, Memory, 1 Bottle Flexwell...

    1 lb of Bitter Apricot seeds, 1 Bottle of Vitamin B17 (500mg Capsules),1 Bottle Vitamin B17 powder, 1 Bottle of Megazyme Forte, 1 lb. of Organic Milk Thistle, 1 Month Supply of Coral Calcium Sachets. 1/4 Lb. Willow Flower Herb, 1 Memory, 1 Bottle...

    Essiac Tea - Four ounces Ingredients: Burdock Root, Kelp, Slippery Elm, Innerbark, Rhubarb Root, Sheep Sorrel, Blessed Thistle, Cloves, Red Clover Blossoms, Watercrest. Please research the internet for what Essiac Tea does. One pack makes two and...




    Gymnema Sylvestre Pancreas Tea - powder Basic Three Month Starter Package Vitamin B17, 500mg Capsules B17
    Gymnema Sylvestre Pancreas Tea - powderBasic Three Month Starter PackageVitamin B17, 500mg Capsules B17

    For Pancreas Cells Restoration and/or eliminates sugar craving.

    500 mg b17 on BACKORDER

    Three Pounds of Bitter Apricot seeds, 3 Bottles of Vitamin B17 (500mg Capsules),Three Bottles of Megazyme Forte, 3 lbs of Organic Milk Thistle, free DVD. Save about 100$.




    We now offer Vitamin B17 capsules containing 500mg each with no fillers, or binders. Only a veggie capsule.  Our price is the lowest on the net due to our own manufacturing of the product.  Purest B17 extracted from the true apricot seed.




    Vitamin 500 mg B17, Pure Powder DMSO 8 oz. bottle SEEDS DMSO  CORAL CALCiUM
    Vitamin 500 mg B17, Pure PowderDMSO 8 oz. bottleSEEDS DMSO CORAL CALCiUM

    Extracted Amygdalin powder uncapsulized. No fillers, binders glue or capsule shells. Small 500mg scooper included.  For maintenance, use a quarter scoop every day or half every other. Can last 7 month or only 1 when dealing with an issue. 

    There are no companies in the United States that supply 99.99% pure DMSO as we do. The best that other's have for sale is the industrial grade.  Even the pharmaceutical grade is not as good as it is mixed with water 70/30.

    Package of the products every home should have, 1 Pound of Apricot Kernels,, DMSO (2oz)  DVD.   DVD is Free.




    EUWD (Energy Up Weight Down) Raw Apricot Kernels After years of searching Ken Michols Megazyme Enzyme therapy is the most complete and best put together Enzyme tablet available to be used with the apricot seeds or B-17 tablets.
    EUWD (Energy Up Weight Down)Apricot Seeds 1 PoundSuperZyme

    EUWD is an herbal formula that contains certain herbs that the Peruvians chew which enables them to carry on 14 hour work days with continuous stable energy.  Appitite supression is one of the poweful benefits.

    Bitter Apricot Seeds -Dr. Krebs said 15 every other day and one will not see cancer.  For those with Cancer, between 10 and 30.  Best chewed however, grinding and adding to juice or food is fine.

    Superzyme Pancreatic Digestive Metabolic Enzymes. To be used in conjunction with B17/seeds Digestive enzymes are used to help destroy the cancer's cell wall.  Take 45 min before or 1 1/2 hrs after.




    World Without Cancer, by G. Edward Griffin One ounce of Deer Antler Velvet. The sliced pre-calcified antlers of New Zealand Deer. DMSO 2 oz. bottle
    "World Without Cancer", by G. Edward Griffin DVDDeer Antler Velvet (2 Ounces)DMSO 2 oz. bottle

    "World Without Cancer", by G. Edward Griffin plus an extra chapter "Jason's Story", which chronicles Jason Vale's battle against terminal cancer and the FDA.  Ten other news and Cable shows on Mr. Vale

    Deer Antler Velvet 2 oz.  Stimulates stem cell growth for regeneration of damaged organs and joints.  Aphrodisiac, Energy enhancer, rejuvenator.  2-3 hr boil down.

    Used for a multitude of things, from ear, eye, nose and throat infections to joint, muscle, bone, & hemmorhoids pain. Also works for immediate use upon stroke, heart attack, burns. Always have a bottle on hand.




    Ultra Lax Organic Milk Thistle Breathe
    Ultra-LaxOrganic Milk ThistleBreathe

    For minor to extreme constipation and general intestinal/bowel detoxification. (May cause flattening of the tummy, better complexion, alertness, less fatigue.) 100% Money Back Guarantee that you will not find a more potent formula anywhere!

    Milk Thistle contains some of the most potent liver protecting and regenerative substances known. Milk Thistle acts as a protectant to the liver by regernating weakened or destroyed liver tissue.  

    Reduces mucus, treats problems with wheezing, bronchitis and  bronchial asthma, builds the immune system, infection fighter, reduces phlegm, anti-inflammatory, expectorant helps to breath. Use to aid along with any problem involving the lungs.




    Small Willow Flower Herb
    1/4 Small Willow Flower Herb

    Applications: Historically used for frequent urination, urinary blockage, prostate cancer symptons, bladder and disorders of the urinary track, kidneys issues... for man or woman, pre and post operation.


    If there is one product out there where auto-ship is called for, it's apricot seeds. Receive a discount as well. Ask about it.